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South Atlantic Chapter


Presentations from 24th Annual ISPE-CaSA Life Sciences Technology Conference - March 14, 2017
               LINKS IN PROGRESS
  • ENGINEERING World's Largest Biotech Project, Gary Lohr, Carsten Nicolai Petersen
  • FDA Using Statistical Analysis in Place of Re-qualification Testing for CTUs, Gavin Wendel
  • FACILITY OF THE FUTURE Review of the ISPE 2016 Facility of the Future Conference, Jim McGlade, Robert Chew, Phil McDuff
  • IP COP Delivering Superior Service to Clinical Sites and Patients, Greg Hottell
  • INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Data Security in the Cloud for Life Sciences, Jeff Miller
  • STUDENT/YOUNG PROFESSIONAL CAREER DEVELOPMENT Enhancing your ISPE Experience, Ken Ewan                                                    
Presentations from 23rd Annual ISPE-CaSA Life Sciences Technology Conference - March 31, 2016
Note: These are the presentations we have available, and whose authors have given us permission to publish

Articles appearing in ISPE-CaSA Newsletter, 2013

Leadership Symposium - February 22, 2013

Effective Implementation of a Risk Management Program - January 29, 2013

Automation Forum - December 6, 2012

APICS-ISPE Joint Event - Operational Management: Simulations for improved production cycles -- 17 January 2012
Download the Presentations ( 959 KB)

Annual Planning Session - 23 August, 2011

Industry Advisory Council Meeting - June 2011
Download the Presentation ( 182 KB)

Reliability Excellence Forum - 2 June 2011

Raymond Scherzer, PM SET, LLC
Protecting Products & Profits ( 325 KB)

Kevin Pait, Talecris
Total Process Reliability ( 2 MB)

Michael Miller
R. E. Mason. RE Mason Company
Vibration Basics ( 2 MB)

Quinton GoForth, CMRP
Enterprise Asset Management Master Planner ( 7 MB)

Leadership Symposium - 5 February 2011

Automation Forum - 9 December 2010

Shawn Hull, Avid Solutions
JV Cotterell, Eisai Inc.
Parenteral Facility Plant Wide MES Implementation Presentation ( 323 KB)
Handouts ( 118 KB)

Silvio Saouaf
Camstar Systems, Inc.
Manufacturing Execution and Factory Automation Drive Product Quality Presentation ( 2 MB)
Handouts ( 3 MB)

Sarah N. Cructhfield
Fluid Air, a Division of Spraying Systems Company
Virtualization Throughout the Software Lifecycle Presentation ( 524 KB)
Handouts ( 119 KB)

Rodney Neal
Global Automation Partners, Inc., A Company of the M+W Group
Virtualized Development and Deployment Presentation ( 1 MB)
Handouts ( 101 KB)

Scott Thompson
R.E. Mason Co.
DCS Development Systems in a Virtualized Environment Presentation ( 291 KB)
Handouts ( 1 MB)

Bill Porter, APP Pharma
Andy Robinson, Avid Solutions
Living in a Virtual World with Tangible Results Presentation ( 505 KB)
Handouts ( 89 KB)

Martin E. Rock, P.E., J.D., LEED-AP
OMNI Professional
Energy Management White Paper ( 623 KB)
Handouts ( 1 MB)

W. Brewster Earle, LEED AP
Comfort Systems USA Energy Services
Energy Management and Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Pharmaceutical Facilities Presentation ( 418 KB)
Handouts ( 50 KB)

Charles Jabara
Global Serialization Markup Language Presentation ( 200 KB)
Handouts ( 82 KB)

Bruce Greenwald
RE Mason Company
Alarm Response Procedures - A Marriage of PCS and MES Presentation ( 1 MB)
Handouts ( 278 KB)

Novartis Energy Management Forum - 16 September 2010

Dave Twellman
Johnson’s Controls Inc.
PV Solar System Installation ( 3 MB)

Lee Willmon
Head of Health, Safety and Environment, Novartis
Energy Management of Capital Projects at Novartis ( 815 KB)

Lean Manufacturing & Energy Management Projects at Morrisville Facility ( 834 KB)

Wayne Beaver, Chuck Blatchley and Wesley Quinn
Talecris Biotherapeutics
Lowering Humidification Requirements ( 542 KB)

Fourth Annual Fall Gala - 30 September 2010

Brooks Adams
Executive Director & President, COIN
Advancing Nanobiotechnology Commercialization ( 2 MB)

Fred Miesowicz
Chief Operating Officer, Argos Therapeutics, Inc.
Argos Therapeutics, Inc. ( 5 MB)