Scientists find sea corals are source of sought-after "anti-cancer" compound

23 hours 59 minutes ago
The bottom of the ocean is full of mysteries but scientists have recently uncovered one of its best-kept secrets. For 25 years, drug hunters have been searching for the source of a natural chemical that had shown promise in initial studies for treating cancer. Now, researchers at University of Utah Health report that easy-to-find soft corals - flexible corals that resemble underwater plants - make the elusive compound.

Study identifies new molecular target for cancer therapy

3 days 23 hours ago
Researchers with The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center - Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC - James) have identified a new molecular drug target that could result in new cancer drugs with fewer side effects.

Previous studies have shown that vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) ­- a potent cytokine (signaling protein) - and dopamine (a neurotransmitter/neurohormone) ­­play essential roles in many physiological and pathological functions.

FDA urges drug manufacturers to develop risk management plans to promote a dtronger, resilient drug supply chain

4 days 23 hours ago
Drug shortages pose a significant public health threat as they can delay, and in some cases, even deny critically needed care for patients. Over the past decade, the FDA’s efforts have contributed to fewer new drug shortages and reduced the time to resolve existing drug shortages. This is due, in part, to authorities the agency now has, including those added by the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act.

"Natural immunity" from omicron is weak and limited, study finds

5 days 23 hours ago
In unvaccinated people, infection with the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 provides little long-term immunity against other variants, according to a new study by researchers at Gladstone Institutes and UC San Francisco (UCSF), published today in the journal Nature.

In experiments using mice and blood samples from donors who were infected with Omicron, the team found that the Omicron variant induces only a weak immune response.

Nearly 700,000 US hospitalizations and 110,000 deaths prevented from the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

1 week ago
The profound health and economic impact of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine during its first year of rollout in the US is described in detail in a new study in the peer-reviewed Journal of Medical Economics.

It is estimated that in 2021 the vaccine, the most widely used against COVID-19 in the US, prevented 8.7 million symptomatic cases of the virus, as well as 690,000 hospitalizations and more than 110,000 deaths.

Roche pledges to extend commitment to the World Federation of Hemophilia Humanitarian Aid Program to 2028

1 week 4 days ago
Roche (SIX: RO, ROG; OTCQX: RHHBY) has extended its commitment to the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) Humanitarian Aid Program until the end of 2028. Roche’s prophylactic treatment will be provided to the WFH Humanitarian Aid Program to continue to treat as many as 1,000 people with haemophilia A in locations where there is little to no access to treatment.

Blocking spike captors to counter COVID

1 week 5 days ago
Despite the effectiveness of vaccination campaigns worldwide, the threat posed by COVID-19 still exists. First of all, a new SARS-CoV-2 variant could very well emerge that may not respond to current vaccines. Secondly, the efficacy of the vaccines in the long term remains unknown. Lastly, cases of acute infection are continuing to be reported. And yet, there is no effective treatment to date.

Pfizer to acquire Biohaven Pharmaceuticals

1 week 6 days ago
Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) and Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company Ltd. (NYSE: BHVN) have entered into a definitive agreement under which Pfizer will acquire Biohaven, the maker of NURTEC® ODT, an innovative dual-acting migraine therapy approved for both acute treatment and episodic prevention of migraine in adults.

Recurring brain tumor growth is halted with new drug

2 weeks ago
When a non-metastatic brain tumor - a meningioma - recurs after surgery and radiation treatment, a patient is out of options. No drugs are approved for these aggressive tumors, which occur in up to 20% of cases and can lead to patient disability or even death.

But now Northwestern Medicine scientists, in an international collaboration with scientists at the University of California, San Francisco and the University of Hong Kong, have identified a drug that inhibits growth of the most aggressive meningiomas and how to most accurately identify which meningiomas will respond to the drug.

FDA limits use of Janssen COVID-19 vaccine to certain individuals

2 weeks 3 days ago
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has limited the authorized use of the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine to individuals 18 years of age and older for whom other authorized or approved COVID-19 vaccines are not accessible or clinically appropriate, and to individuals 18 years of age and older who elect to receive the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine because they would otherwise not receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Investigational COVID mucosal vaccine protects against disease and transmission

2 weeks 4 days ago
In animal studies that mimic human exposures, an investigational COVID vaccine designed to be taken orally not only protects the host, but also decreases the airborne spread of the virus to other close contacts.

The study, led by Duke researcher Stephanie N. Langel, Ph.D., demonstrated the potential of a COVID vaccine that works through the mucosal tissue to neutralize the SARS-CoV-2 virus, limiting infections and the spread of active virus in airborne particles.

Using AI to analyze large amounts of biological data

2 weeks 4 days ago
Researchers at the University of Missouri are applying a form of artificial intelligence (AI) - previously used to analyze how National Basketball Association (NBA) players move their bodies - to now help scientists develop new drug therapies for medical treatments targeting cancers and other diseases.

Foundation S: Sanofi's new philanthropic spearhead

2 weeks 5 days ago
Sanofi today launches Foundation S - The Sanofi Collective, its philanthropic endowment fund aiming to create healthier futures for generations. Using donations, partnerships and collective action, Foundation S will focus on three critical areas: childhood cancer, the health of communities most vulnerable to the effects of climate change and pollution, and access to lifesaving medicines and vaccines.

Pfizer shares top-line results from Phase 2/3 EPIC-PEP study of PAXLOVID™ for post-exposure prophylactic use

3 weeks ago
Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) shared top-line results from the Phase 2/3 EPIC-PEP (Evaluation of Protease Inhibition for COVID-19 in Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) study evaluating PAXLOVID™ (nirmatrelvir [PF-07321332] tablets and ritonavir tablets) for post-exposure prophylactic use. In this trial, compared to placebo, Pfizer observed risk reductions of 32% and 37% in adults who received PAXLOVID for five and ten days, respectively, to prevent infection.

Findings open way for personalised MS treatment

3 weeks 4 days ago
Currently available therapies to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) lack precision and can lead to serious side effects. Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have now developed a method for identifying the immune cells involved in autoimmune diseases, and have identified four new target molecules of potential significance for future personalised treatment of MS.
1 hour 47 minutes ago
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